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Dedicated to the Southampton Football Club and all the Saints FC fans.

Ep. 98- Paying the London Price, with Dan James

November 27, 2018

Dan James is, in my eyes at least, pretty remarkable. I first contacted him over the summer of 2017, while walking around the backyard of my in-laws trying to find guests for the show without my wife realizing that the real reason I wasn’t in the pool with the kids was because I wanted the next 6 guests lined up before I “enjoyed” myself (after writing that I realize, nobody needs to know that… and in reality nobody cares). But, from that one message, he agreed to come on the show in September and I was blown away by his commitment to the cause.


Fast forward to April, when I was over in London, and after a battering at the London Stadium, Dan met Freddie (from the Ugly Inside) and I for a few beers after the match near Waterloo Station… It may not sound like a lot to you, but it meant a lot to me and it’s something I will forever associate with Dan… that and the fact he’s attended almost 200 consecutive competitive Saints matches (and still made time to chat with me about Fulham).


This week we talk about the loss to Fulham, the positives in Armstrong and the team  really dominating play for the majority of the game, but we also discuss the poor defending, the attitudes of some of the players, and the team’s inability to hold on to a lead, and more. I also ask about the stadium and the pubs, but that’s mostly because I’m American and I’d like to have a good day out next time I’m over.


Anyway, if you don’t already follow @thedanjames on Twitter or Instagram you should. You’ll see lots of Saints stuff and some other endeavors as well. He’s always up to talk football, so if you see him, whether he’s out or working, don’t be afraid to have a chat.

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Until next time, cheers.