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Dedicated to the Southampton Football Club and all the Saints FC fans.

Ep. 76- A New Chapter in a New Story, with Mark Sanderson and Stephen Brandt

June 26, 2018

***Note*** There's a little bit of clicking coming from the Skype connection during Mark's interview. Sorry about that. Hopefully you can ignore it. 


Stories play a huge role in our lives. We listened to them as children, we pass on tales of adventure both true and embellished to our kids, for centuries before there was writing, the entire history of humankind and of earth was passed down orally. So, it only seems natural that, in this age of advanced technology, more and more people who enjoy telling stories are coming to audio (to podcasts, specifically) to share their stories with the world.


Mark Sanderson is an author, a PR guy, a dad, a husband, a Saints fan, and a storyteller. His articles are entertaining, and his book both intriguing and inspiring. He’s been on this show before to talk about his book Bobby Stokes: The Man from Portsmouth who Scored Southampton’s Most Famous Goal, and now he’s back to talk a little bit about his new show, “Behind the Story: A Podcast Mostly About Football.” Join us as we talk stories, football, Saints, the World Cup and more.


Follow Mark:

Twitter- @_MarkSanderson

His Podcast- bit.ly/Markspodcast

His Book- https://bobbystokesbook.com/about-my-book/

That time he ran a marathon in Siberia- https://sabotagetimes.com/life/i-ran-a-siberian-marathon-and-ended-up-in-hospital

Also joining my this week is another writer and podcaster from the USA. Stephen Brandt is the Host of Yellow Card Podcast, a general football podcast and a show on MLS’s list of 50 Podcasts you should listen to. Stephen supports Celtic (and LFC) so he joins me briefly to discuss Stuart Armstrong and fill me in on what we’re getting in the Scottish midfielder.


Yellow Card Podcast will be on this Tuesday at 7:30PM EST and available everywhere listen to podcasts after that. They’re talking with @InsideAthletic this week, so if you have any questions about Athletic Bilbao be sure to tune in.


Follow them:

Stephen- @StephenCBrandt

Yellow Card- @Yellowcardpod


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Until next time, cheers.