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Dedicated to the Southampton Football Club and all the Saints FC fans.

Ep. 47- Tadic Stays, Austin Plays, and Together Saints Score 4, with Jamie Grant of the Saints Report

November 28, 2017

Well how about that? We all know Everton are garbage, and it’s not just former Captain Ron that thinks so. But, no matter what you think of the blue side of Merseyside, you have to give some credit to Saints for their performance on the pitch on Sunday. In the immediate aftermath of that bare-bottom spanking we gave Everton, I spoke with Jamie Grant of @TheSaintsReport about the match, mental health, and the upcoming trips to Manchester City and Bournemouth. It’s not often that Jamie steps out from behind the Instagram filter, but it’s always a pleasure when he does.


The Saints Report Twitter- https://twitter.com/TheSaintsReport?lang=en

The Saints Report Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/thesaintsreport/


Special thanks to Jamie for having the courage to speak about his ongoing battle with depression and mental health. I know it’s hard to speak about, but the only way we can change the stigma surrounding mental illness is to speak out about it.


Resources and Links for Mental Health

NHS Depression Description and Resources- UK

NHS Depression Services Locator- use this to locate NHS Depression Services near you.-UK

Mental Health Resources- mentalhealth.gov- US

Article on Steven Caulker from the Guardian, by Dominic Fifield, @domfifield


Things I spoke about during the episode:


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  • On this episode you heard a riff from BB King, I didn't create or recreate it, I just thought it was a good fit for the show.

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