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Dedicated to the Southampton Football Club and all the Saints FC fans.

Ep. 196- Defending (At) The Bridge Optional, with Alex Hammond

October 20, 2020

Show Timeline:

  • Intro- 00:54

  • Alex Hammond- 2:44

  • Pay Per View- 5:45

  • Internationals- 15:47

  • Project Big Picture- 19:30

  • Lineup and Chelsea- 27:50

  • Listener Questions- 52:11

  • End Credits- 1:01:14


The Southampton Dellivery Podcast is proud to support the work of Kick It Out as they work to tackle racism and discrimination in the game we all love. See how you can get involved at kickitout.org.

Saints went to London and, with Chelsea, put on a show… for the 0 fans in attendance, the international audiences who watched for almost nothing, those in the pubs down the street from the stadium and around England, those who listened on the radio, and the few who decided to pay up the £14.95 to watch from home.

and the few who decided to pay up the £14.95 to watch from home.

It wasn’t a match you’d show your kids and say “go do that.” Especially if said kid is a defender or goalkeeper, but it was entertaining for most of the 90 minutes. Of course, it’s a bit sweeter given we scored the stoppage-time equalizer, but it was an extremely exciting point for Saints complete with debuts, returns, late goals, and more.

Joining me to discuss it all is Alex Hammond (on Twitter @alxhmnd21) who has spent time covering Eastleigh and other sporting events around England. Alex joined me some time ago after Abdoulaye Doucouré punched us all in the nether regions when he handled the ball into the goal to earn Watford a draw a few years back… (pre VAR).

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Until next time, cheers.