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Dedicated to the Southampton Football Club and all the Saints FC fans.

Ep. 172- Cone of Shame, Another Week of Silence. With Tom Mason

April 28, 2020

Show Timeline:

  • Intro Music-00:00
  • Intro- 00:55
  • Tom Mason- 3:44
  • Covering Rovers/Finances- 6:25
  • P*mpey Replay- 13:00
  • Return of the Premier Leauge- 24:27
  • Playing Squad- 34:10
  • Listener Questions- 47:28
  • End Credits- 59:38

This week the Coronavirus took one of our SaintsFC family members. Mark Channon lost his life to the disease just days ago. Our thoughts go out to his partner, child and the rest of his family and loved ones. Additionally, his family has asked that any donations you wish to make go to the NHS.  

Tom Mason spent a lot of this year covering Bristol Rovers while at University. With in-person sessions at school being called off, and football not taking place, he was able to come on the show this week and chat about everything from League 1 finances to the 4-0 pasting Saints lead on the team down the road. We also discuss the future of some of the squad and answer several listener questions. You can follow Tom on Twitter (@tom_mason18) and Instagram @tmaso19.

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Until next time, cheers.