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Dedicated to the Southampton Football Club and all the Saints FC fans.

Ep. 159- VAR Aghast and Boufal’s Blast, with Dan from Saints Brass

January 28, 2020

Show Timeline:

  • Intro Music- 00:00
  • Intro- 00:54
  • Dan and Saints Brass- 6:09
  • FA Cup Match- 27:55
  • Listener Questions- 58:50
  • End Credits- 1:07:20

Also, I 100% called Luke Millard Kevin Millard in the questions section. I made two patrons one, which is not a thing. My bad.

When you head to a football ground you expect to hear certain sounds. The fans cheering, the chatter in the concourse, chants back and forth between sets of rival fans, etc. They let you know where you are when you are at a match. If you’ve ever been outside of St. Mary’s on a matchday over the last 4 years then you know the added sound that fills the air. Saints Brass welcomes fans to St. Mary’s each and every matchday and have become an integral part of the matchday culture at Saints. 

It was a real pleasure to speak with Dan about the origins of Saints Brass, their duties and rituals on matchday, and the 1-1 against Spurs we were all treated to on Saturday afternoon. If you haven’t had the opportunity to hear Saints Brass, be sure to check them out at the next home match you attend.

If you’d like to hear them before then, you can give them a follow on Social Media. They are @saintsbrass on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and you can also find them at saintsbrass.com.

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Until next time, cheers.