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Dedicated to the Southampton Football Club and all the Saints FC fans.

Ep. 158- Long Time, Long Distance, Long Shot, with Carl Anka of The Athletic and Mike Smale of MatchdayVlogs

January 21, 2020

Timeline Notes-

  • Carl’s Interview- 5:10

  • Mike’s Interview- 49:10

This week’s show only has one intro (sorry about that last week), but two guests! I had the chance to meet Mike Smale of the MatchdayVlogs YouTube channel down in LA on Saturday afternoon, so we sat and chatted for a bit and recorded some stuff for both channels. Be sure to check out all of his stuff using the links below.

Then, Monday afternoon, Carl Anka used good old fashioned Skype to join me to discuss the match and what’s happening with Saints during the window.

There’s a lot here, and you may not get to it before Palace, but listen anyway. It’s worth it (in my opinion). Be sure to check out Carl at all the links below and let him know you appreciate his work.

Carl Anka and The Athletic:

  • Carl Anka on Twitter- @Ankaman616 and on Instagram @carl.anka

  • Why Carl is “All In” on Southampton- LINK

  • Athletic Sign-Up (LINK)

  • He also does Wrestling- Parts Unknown Podcast- APPLE PODCASTS

  • Ep. 144 with Carl Anka- Initial interview with some more info about the Athletic, etc.

  • Affiliate Athletic Link- I subscribe to The Athletic. If you click here and sign up, I get credit. Cheers.

Mike Smale and Matchday Vlogs:

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Credits and Stuff:

Until next time, cheers.