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Dedicated to the Southampton Football Club and all the Saints FC fans.

Ep. 149- Taking a Break, Having a Laugh, with Carl Anka of the Athletic

November 19, 2019

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This has been a wonderful break, although it’s been of the International variety. England qualified for the Euros, Davo missed a penalty, Tadic suffered a last-minute heartache equalizer against Ukraine, though he scored his penalty, and the US redeemed itself against Canada. A lot has happened, but only glancing at scores and watching highlights has been a welcomed reprieve from what Saints have put me (and us) through the past few weeks. Now, I think I’m ready to get back to it. Dare I say I’m looking forward to Arsenal this coming weekend in the under-achieving, should be better than we are but can’t figure out a coherent system manager derby.

Over the break, I had the chance to speak once again with the Atheltic’s Carl Anka. With no specific match to talk about we had plenty of time to discuss some listener questions, in addition to the few I had lined up for Carl. One of the things I wanted to make sure and address was what, if any, changes had Carl noticed since arriving to cover the club. Since he’s new to the scene (sort of, I guess) and focused on the club for his work, how have moods and things shifted since the start? Who, if anyone, has been vocal or has had a somewhat noticeable change in demeanor?

After that, Carl and I run through your questions, have a laugh so we don’t cry and the hour+ we spent on Skype flew by. I hope you enjoy the show this week, and if you aren’t familiar with Carl’s work there are a few links below to get you caught up with what he’s been doing around for the Athletic recently. If Carl’s voice sounds familiar, he’s a regular panelist on the Totally Football Show and is one of the hosts of the Parts Unknown Wrestling Podcast. Links are below for those as well.   

  • Carl Anka on Twitter- @Ankaman616
  • Why Carl is “All In” on Southampton- LINK
  • Athletic Sign-Up (LINK)
  • He also does Wrestling- Parts Unknown Podcast- APPLE PODCASTS
  • Ep. 144 with Carl Anka- Initial interview with some more info about the Athletic, etc.
  • Affiliate Athletic Link- I subscribe to The Athletic. If you click here and sign up, I get credit. Cheers.


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