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Dedicated to the Southampton Football Club and all the Saints FC fans.

Ep. 147- Pep’s Peeves, with Jake Hughes and Allen Gunn of St. Mary’s Musings

November 5, 2019

In case my brother downloads or see's this, Happy Birthday. I love you.


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Saints’ schedule this past week is exactly what Halloween Nightmares are made of. Two trips to the defending champions in less than a week just after a 0-9 thrashing at the hands of the Leicester City. Seems like Saints were in for a beatdown of epic proportions. The midweek match came and went, with City moving on in a match that left much to be desired on most accounts. Saturday, however, was a different story. Solid, resilient, and efficient with their shots, Saints held City scoreless for 70 minutes. With Pep absolutely fuming to the point he was running sprints and warming up on the sidelines, City broke through to go level and eventually found a winner from Kyle Walker. Heartbreak for Saints, but there are a lot of different things we can (and do) say about the week. Joining me to do that are Jake Hughes (@JJHughes_) and Allen “I swear I’m not related to Angus” Gunn (@a_gunzy) from St. Mary’s Musings (@stmarysmusings). We talk shop, Saints, have a laugh and answer a couple of questions. If it’s possible, I’m perhaps too comfortable chatting with them, but oh well.

Be sure to visit stmarysmusings.sbnation.com to keep up to date with Saints through Jake, Allen and the rest of the team. 

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