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Dedicated to the Southampton Football Club and all the Saints FC fans.

Ep. 146- Leicester City Letdown, with Chris Rann

October 29, 2019

Getting beat by 9 goals is something I’ve struggled to recover from in Fifa, let alone in real life. There are times when you get knocked down, and you get up again, we all do. But, when you lay down and allow things to happen to you, that’s different. It’s harder to come back from. There is going to be shame and guilt and a ton of other things that are harder to shake off. 

And, unfortunately, that’s about where we find ourselves this week. Perhaps the poorest performance I’ve ever witnessed. Abject, unacceptable, embarrassing, however, you want to say it. All of those emotions are in the show this week. But, the good news is that Chris Rann (@crstig on Twitter and writing @saintsworld.co.uk) and I were forced to wait a day to record due to some issues with the internet. But, we regrouped and came again, exactly what we hope Saints will do this week. 

Chris and I run through the game and the general happenings around the club, answer your questions, laugh, cry and end up having a pretty good time. I hope you enjoy it.

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Until next time, cheers.