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Dedicated to the Southampton Football Club and all the Saints FC fans.

Ep. 128- Celebrating 10 Years of League 1 Minus 10, with Glen de la Cour

June 25, 2019

*Note- this week's episode contains language I would not use around my grandmother or my children. If you are listening with kids or aloud at work, I'd recommend waiting until you are alone or putting some headphones on... ps. It's totally worth it.*

Glen de la Cour had a 5 year plan. It didn’t involve industrialization or collectivization. Or restructuring of the board or improvements to the training facilities. It was, mostly, document what was happening as Saints aimed to get back to the Premier League. 

Five years came and went, Saints got back to the Premier League, we sold players to Liverpool, lost managers, qualified for Europe, and Glen simply kept writing. We fell from Europe, more players left the club, and still, made some shocking moves at the top of the food chain, and still Glen kept writing. It’s been 10 full seasons, over 645 posts, since Glen started League One Minus 10. The play on the field hasn’t always been pretty, but Glen has been giving it to readers straight since the day he started. The blog is full of opinion, insight, curse words and reactions, and can be counted on to deliver an honest and open opinion of what’s happening on the pitch through the eyes of a man who has been attending matches with his father (and now his father and son) since 1975.

If you don’t follow Glen on Twitter you can do that @L1Minus10, and please be sure to add League One Minus 10 to your reading list. You won’t regret it. Special thanks to Glen for coming on the show this week to discuss 10 years of writing the blog, some team news, and answer some listener questions.

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Until next time, cheers.