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Dedicated to the Southampton Football Club and all the Saints FC fans.

Ep. 115- Get With the Program, with Chris Tuck of Non-League Programmes and Saints Programs

March 26, 2019

*Quick note- the call quality this week isn’t great. I’m not sure why it is, and I’m not necessarily happy about it, but it’s nothing Chris or I did, it just is. So, I’ll likely spend too much time trying to figure out why it was so bad, but I hope you enjoy it. I’ll do better because you, and guests like Chris, deserve it. Sorry*

The international break means no top-flight football for us to enjoy, but it doesn’t mean football itself has stopped. In addition to having the international action, of which Southampton sent several players out to take part, lower league and non-league matches were in full swing.

Given that, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to chat with Chris Tuck, who runs the Non-League Programmes and the Saints Programmes accounts on Twitter. It something fairly foreign to me. I used to save a lot of stuff, but I never really collected much of anything, and I still don’t. So, to hear what inspires Chris to collect, capture, and share his programmes and the programmes sent in by other fans is truly amazing.

Additionally, Chris is attempting to do some charity work around programmes and teaching English, so if you or anyone you know might be interested in that, please get in contact with him @NonLgeProgs or @SaintsProgs. You can also check out all the programs by visiting Chris’ Filckr.

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