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Dedicated to the Southampton Football Club and all the Saints FC fans.

Ep. 111- It’s Not All Bad, Emirate? With Christian Candler

February 26, 2019

Arsenal is a big match for me. My son and my best friend both support the Gunners. We’ve given them fits in the past, and took three points off them earlier this season. Sunday didn’t go that way, and after going 2-0 down early, I decided 6:22am was the appropriate time to open up my good friend Mr. Guinness…fast forward, through the second half and past the Sunday school lesson I assisted with, by the podcast recording and homework, and you wind up with me taking NyQuil and attempting to edit. There’s a few minutes in the middle of the episode I don’t remember editing, so it should be a surprise to everyone.

What wasn’t a surprise, though, was my guest, Christan Candler (on Twitter @candlerneuro and his writing is available at candler.us). Christian was, as always, level-headed and calm in his approach to the match, and it was exactly what was needed as we tried to deal with the Arsenal result (and him having to deal with me).

We discuss everything from the Arsenal result to the board’s spending in recent windows, the role of social media, #PuelOut, your questions and more.

We’ll be back with a Patreon only episode after Fulham and a free Newsletter will be in your email inbox on Friday morning, all you have to do is sign up).

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